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The Senior Care Program was initially conceived in 1976 by the Long Term Comprehensive Care Committee at the University of Washington. In 1979, we began the outpatient clinic portion (now known as Senior Care Clinic) and in 1980 the inpatient program (now known as Medicine G) was started. Services for inpatients range from co-management to consultation.

Description of Inpatient Services

  • Physicians in the subspecialty of geriatric medicine with expertise in the care of older adults.
  • Consultations are available for any patient aged 65 years or older. The scope of the consult may include:
    • Diagnosis and management of medical problems, including co-management services.
    • Peri-operative evaluation and management.
    • Assessment of function pre-hospitalization.
    • Discharge planning including: the need for skilled nursing, primary care services, or the HMC Falls Clinic (after the patient has recovered mobility).

For questions or consults, contact Medicine G pager 206-540-4337.