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Our Mission

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We are rooted in our commitments to grow, build, and develop advancements within Gerontology and Geriatric medicine.

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Our Mission


Grow the research programs in geriatrics, in targeted ways, by collaborating and inter-digitating with existing research programs


Build collaborative, blended consultative geriatrics programs in key areas, including geri-ortho, geri-trauma, geri-palliative care


Develop programs to promulgate “primary geriatrics”, such that geriatrics principles and education permeate all pertinent UW medical and surgical specialties and sub-specialties, as we increase awareness of the value of sub-specialty geriatrics consultation

Our History

The Division of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine was established in 1977 at Harborview Medical Center with Dr. William Hazzard as the Division's first Head.

Our division serves patients at Harborview Medical Center (HMC), UW Medical Center (UWMC), and the VA Puget Sound Health Care System (VAPSHCS). Care includes consultation services, ambulatory care, and a nursing home follow-up program.

Faculty member research interests include but are not limited to geriatrics and gerontology, ethics, health services, epidemiology, clinical, animal, and cellular molecular biology.


May 8, 2023
2023 Gender Equity Awards
Congratulations to this year's recipients: Monica Fawthrop, Erin Kross, Lex Powers, and Judith Tsui.
April 6, 2023
Exceptional Women in Medicine
Nominated by their peers, the Exceptional Women in Medicine list recognizes female Top Doctors who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, expertise and dedication in their respective fields.
November 15, 2022
King County Medical Society Awards
Congratulations to Drs. Anita Chopra, Jeffrey Duchin and Sabine von Preyss-Freidman, honored this year for their outstanding contributions.